Handling And Showing Love To Her Bouncy Ass


Anal sex is currently popular due to people’s increased knowledge of new sex discoveries and their realization that women may actually like butt play just as much as men do. Anal sex may be very intimate and provide a different kind of fulfillment; some women even have anal orgasms. There are several tips to bear in mind if this is your first time.

First, go gently and incrementally. A significant lot of physiological awareness is required for healthy anal sex and pleasure. Many persons with anal health concerns are unaware that they do so because they disregard their arses. However, there are also advantages. Knowing what makes you feel more sexually pleased may be learned by paying attention to your body, like receiving the best nude PornPic from her that makes you wet, and learning about your anal opens up a whole new world of sexual enjoyment for him.

1. Properly use lubrication before having anal sex.

There is never too much lube since your anus doesn’t lubricate itself. However, if you’re wearing a condom, stay away from oil-based lubes since they could cause the latex to break down. Additionally, keep in mind that using silicone-based products may cause silicone sex toys to deform. It may take some time to find your ideal lubricant, but it is encouraged to use it since it could enable you to dick your spouse for the first time gently and enhance rather than worsen your experience.

2. Slow down and make something memorable

It’s unfair that certain bottoms are more uncomfortable than others. A dick entering there is usually painful if the top isn’t in the right spot. But keep in mind that the first time you do it, it can hurt. You can have intense discomfort at first, but it will fade fast. If this happens, you must stop, take your time, and try again. When the dick is entered, you should push outward or compress your anal canal rather than clench it. This makes it easier for you to move forward, reducing discomfort and increasing enjoyment.


3. Try the smoothest anal positions possible

Try The Lying Doggy if you haven’t already; it’s great for shallow penetration. Even if you’re new to anal sex, this is a great way to get that stimulation because the majority of the anus’ nerves are found in the first two inches of the aperture. Additionally, it’s lovely for beginners because you don’t have to commit to everything to enjoy yourself fully. Try teasing in this posture as a pro tip. To enhance the degree of proximity, make it an anal variation. In this position, you may go as close to your partner as you like and engage in possibly erotic eye contact. He’ll probably feel fairly deep with this one, so move cautiously. Making out during this one is a great way to sever the relationship.



Once you give anal a try, you could realize that you’ve been missing out on something that can be both exciting and fulfilling. Some pornstars observed that the gender orgasm gap was much reduced in sexual encounters involving anal intercourse since they tended to climax during those experiences most of the time. This may be the case because successful anal requires a bit more foreplay and planning, or it may be the case that people engaging in anal sex are perhaps a little more intent on humiliating their spouse.

Your body is a unique mechanism, and the fact that it produces waste is not shameful. Additionally, eating a lot of fiber would assist in keeping things functioning correctly. Drink adequate water since you will bloat if you ingest a lot of fiber without it, increasing your chances of having better and more sensual anal sex.


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