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Leakedzone, sounds like a spicy and private club, doesn’t it? Well it is in a way, if you’re looking for all the greatest leak and nude celebrities around. I mean, who doesn’t? I’ve spent countless hours watching a film only to see a woman I’d love to see naked, and then promptly gone online and searched for the relevant sex scene. Luckily, you don’t need to search here. LeakedZone provides you with all the hottest celebrities in the most uncompromising situations around.

Design and Usability

The design of the site is the most basic you will ever see, it has ripped off the colour tone from Pornhub. That’s fine though, Pornhub is one of the most popular porn sites around. It’s going to get people taking inspiration from it. We are all here for the content, though, and luckily this site has a lot to provide.  Upon landing on the site, you will notice that you aren’t accosted by ads which send you to all four corners of the internet. Right there, that’s a plus in my eyes.

The thumbnails are nice and clean, and you can tell how long a video is by the runtime. I usually skip the videos that are less than a minute, they are usually rubbish. Unless of course it’s of a hot celeb that has a scarce amount of content, then I’m all in. If that celebrity has a ton of videos, I’m looking for the longest videos, or perhaps a compilation. Am I being greedy here? Probably. I’m spoilt for choice.

One thing I did notice is the lack of categorization. You will have to use the search bar to search for your favourite star, but this is primitive at best. There seems to be no tag or category structure, which is very annoying, especially as someone who likes that. There are literally no tags to think of also, so you are on your own trying to find the good stuff. Usually they have a most viewed or highest rated section, but none of that here.

The Content

Okay, the proof is in the pudding. How is the content? Well you will be pleased to know it does exactly what it says on the tin. Provide you with hot and nude celebrity leaks, and that’s all I ask for. The video quality can differ from site to site, as they pull videos from other big tubes. Think of it like an aggregator of videos. You will find videos ranging from 480p to 1080p, I’ve even seen a few 4k videos, but that’s rare.

Unfortunately there seems to be no way to directly download the videos which is a darn shame. You will have to use your brain or find a plugin which downloads streaming video. There’s no option to sign up to a user account and do it from there, either. If you’re looking to add to this growing collection, then I’m afraid you’re out of luck. You aren’t allowed to contribute any of your own videos to leakedzone. Maybe a good thing, you know what some people are like. The site owner seems to update quite regularly.

Final Thoughts is hardly reinventing the wheel here, but there seems to be a lot of porn sites nowadays dedicated to other things. Finding nude celebrities seems to be a dying art, so I’m glad someone has brought this idea into the 20th century. Sure, the categorization is poor, but the video quality is great. You aren’t spammed with tons of ads or pop-ups, either, which is a big plus in my eyes. It’s a smooth and seamless experience to browse this site, whether you’re on desktop or mobile. Go check it out and make your own mind up.


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